H.E.Y. Young World Podcast

Youth Are Hurting Right Now. At Bridging GAAPS We Know There Are Just Too Many Hurting In Silence. This Podcast Is A Platform Where All Youth Can Come To Take A Listen, Leave Feeling Empowered, and Get Uplifted By The Love Of Jesus. Here Are A Few Random Episodes. To Hear All Episodes Go To This Link: 


*If you would like to be a  guest on this podcast please send us a message on our Contact page

Youth Spotlight

In this episode Phe introduces a new feature to H.E.Y. Young World high lighting the amazing work young people are doing for their communities. Phe sits down with a young person who is giving back to her community by filling  purses for homeless women. Take a listen and be inspired to give back in your own community!


Why You Can't Say "All Lives Matter"

Take a listen to Phe explaining how becoming an advocate for her black community was not a part of her plan, but one of God and why she is honoured to have been chosen. 


Young World We Hear Your Voice

Phe sat down with a group of women to hear what they would tell their younger selves if they were living through Covid as teenagers. You just may walk away with some helpful tips from this episode. Take some notes!



Listen. Hear. Be Moved. Do Better!