About Us


Who We Are

Bridging GAAPS is an advocate for social justice and change by having tough conversations with those we have issues with. In the spring of 2020,  peaceful rallies were put on in Pheona's hometown of Cambridge, Ontario. It was important to Pheona to display a strategy of peace and unity to stand up against racism. The region's Police Department was invited and attended the rallies. Bridging GAAPS has developed a friendship with the town's mayor and an ongoing collaboration with the Police Department.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

 Bridging GAAPS is a community initiative that is focused on building a community that is more inclusive. Coming together peacefully through rallies has been deemed effective and is a strategy we believe is still needed in times where the black community does not feel heard. Bringing the black community together with those making major decisions in their city is an effective way to achieve change. 

Our Vision

We believe it is important to come together with city leaders to put plans of change into action. An important element to this change is the opportunity for youth to be in a position of empowerment. Modeling an inclusive approach to handling conflict will equip youth with the right strategies for conflict resolution which in turn will make for a more unified community.